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Unraveling the history of High Elms Estate

Horse Race Watercolour Illustration
Victorian Well Diggers Illustration
Portland Stone Lectern
Metal Lectern

High Elms Country Park is a beautiful countryside estate which was once home to a stunning Normandy mansion. As designers, we loved bringing High Elms’ rich history and fascinating stories to life for visitors young and old; but how exactly did we do this?

By engaging their senses and sparking their imagination we were able to take them on a journey of discovery. Pieces of Portland Stone, designed to mirror the appearance of the original manor, has the power to transport you back in time. But how? Try feeling the smooth stone under your fingertips, closing your eyes and imagining how stunning the mansion would have looked all those years ago. Through the magic of imagination, you’ll experience a piece of history.

But the manor house isn’t the only place you can lose yourself in the history of High Elms; back in the 19th century a huge racecourse was built, attracting thousands of spectators. What better way to experience the thrill and excitement of a horse race than bringing it to life in your imagination? Close your eyes and listen; can you hear the sound of thunderous hooves and the booming echo of a cheering crowd?

This is what effective interpretation is designed to do, find those hidden stories and communicate them creatively and sympathetically. We had great fun bringing High Elms’ fascinating history to life through engaging interpretation, plus we learnt a lot about the exciting events that once took place within the historic grounds.

High Elms Estate Interpretation Design
Mansion House 1932
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