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Highlighting the history of South Downs National Park

It's incredible to think that more than 3000 years ago Iron Age Celts dominated the land we now know as South Downs National Park. From ancient hill forts to prehistoric burial grounds and battlefields, people are surprised how much heritage is hidden beneath their feet.

Grand opening of the new signage
historical artifacts

We designed interpretation panels for 4 archaeological sites in South Downs National Park. Our dynamic and detailed re-enactment illustrations immerse visitors in the scene; as they begin to understand more about the landscape's historic highlights, they feel like they've stepped back in time.

We were thrilled that the
St Catherine's Hill interpretation panel was unveiled by Margaret Paren, Chief Executive of the South Downs National Park Authority, and Head of Conservation at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, David Rumble.

Photo courtesy, Hampshire Chronicle.

Unveiling the new graphic display frame
watercolour illustration of a battle re-enactment
Interpretation design for South Downs National Park
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