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Bringing visitors closer to nature at Spratton Pocket Park

Spratton Pocket Park in Northamptonshire is a community green space which boasts a meadow full of vibrant flowers and diverse wildlife which provided us with a wealth of inspiration for this project.

Interpretation panel for Spratton Pocket Park
Leaflet design for Spratton Pocket Park
Logo design for Spratton Pocket Park
Bee on a wildflower
Insect collecting nectar from a wildflower

As designers, we love having high quality photographs to work with. Spratton Parish Council gave us some truly stunning imagery which inspired the colour palette for the interpretation panel and leaflet. By merging flowing colour themes with beautiful photography, we can immerse you in your surroundings and stimulate your senses.

But how? We invite you to throw all your senses
into the experience as we bring you as close to
nature as we can.

Open the leaflet; admire the beautiful wildflower in your hands, watch the insects collecting nectar, hear the buzzing bees and smell the fragrant wildflowers.

Spratton Pocket Park is also home to a historic cemetery which boasts a beautiful entrance. Our hand drawn illustration steeped in sepia tones has the power to transport you back in time and immerse you in a piece of history. And the illustration was just the beginning! This got our creative juices in full flow as we created a new identity for Spratton Pocket Park based on the drawing.


Through the magic of imagination, you’ll experience Spratton Pocket Park on a whole new level, making it an unforgettable day out.

Watercolour illustration of the historic cemetery entrance
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