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Project Description

Bricket Wood Nomansland

Bricket Wood and Nomansland Common are bursting with natural beauty, luscious fauna and are home to diverse and rare wildlife. We loved working on this project because it brought together many of the creative media we specialise in. These beautiful green spaces attract a range of people and we were excited to be involved with enhancing the overall experience for everyone.

Visitors can now navigate the park using our detailed 3D maps, while vibrant composition illustrations help them to identify the many different types of wildlife which can be found there. Leaflets go into more detail about the sites history and how it is managed today.

By following a trail of colour coded identity icons users can embark on a relaxing nature walk and soak up the atmosphere. The icons were also used on leaflets and interpretation panels across the landscape. This harmony of themes also reflected the harmony between animals and plants living in the reserves.

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