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Project Description

Chorleywood Common

Chorleywood Common offers a mixture of woodland, wetland and heathland habitats that is host to many species of flora and fauna, and attracts visitors for healthy walks and amazing views.

To help visitors better understand the wildlife offering and to navigate the Common, we were commissioned by Chorleywood Parish Council to produce a series of bespoke interpretation and orientation displays that would complement the landscape and capture the essence of this 200 acre local nature reserve.

Taking influence from the immediate surroundings we put forward design concepts for physical displays that would create a unique identity for the Common and the chosen design included waney edge oak posts with permanently engraved detailing.

To highlight the wildlife to be found across the three habitats we produced engaging illustrations that brought to life the natural history of the Common, allowing visitors to understand the complex biodiversity that cannot always be seen but can often be heard.

We created a 3D watercolour map to help visitors orientate themselves, supported by a wayfinding leaflet and attractive interpretation panels. We had great fun working on this project as there were no pre-set guidelines for design, allowing us to apply our creative abilities using the subject, target audience and landscape as our inspiration.

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