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Project Description

Hastings Country Park Interpretation Scoping Plan

We had the great privilege of producing an interpretation scoping plan for Hastings Country Park that was aimed specifically at educating existing visitors and encouraging new ones.

The design and development of interpretation is an exciting, creative journey, that sees designs materialise after detailed assessment of potential storylines and onsite physical assets and a complete understanding of how to engage our target audience and deliver key messages.

We are always mindful of how our ideas will fit into the landscape and at Hastings Country Park we drew influence from the history and heritage that shaped its past and our client’s vision for its future. The existence of radar towers, the now disused quarry and the exploits of Amy Johnson, Britain’s daring female pilot from the early 20th Century, were all captured in our unique designs for onsite interpretation, wayfinding and seating.

To encourage exploration and aid learning in our younger audience our recommendations included an interactive trail, for children and families to collect rubbings of key features and natural history as they ventured throughout the park.

Our work encompassed the research and development of themes and storylines, concept development for onsite interpretation and the identification of procurement routes and budget costing for final project realisation.

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