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Ramsgate Signage and Wayfinding Strategy 2018-11-20T16:18:20+00:00

Project Description

Ramsgate Signage and Wayfinding Strategy

To understand how visitors behave we must first become one. We must understand where they arrive, where they depart, and everywhere they need to be in between.

Developing town wayfinding schemes requires a great deal of focus. With so many possible destinations we must be clear at the outset what we want to achieve, where we want our visitors to go and how we want them to get there.

To ensure any scheme is effective we must first audit existing signage. New signs are often introduced over many years, creating confusing and mixed messaging, and it is just as important to declutter as it is to introduce new displays.

Developing a new signage and wayfinding strategy is a good opportunity to introduce your brand and reinforce the spirit of place through high profile on street displays, and whilst we must never compromise function over form, we must embrace this opportunity to create high impact, eye-catching displays that will enhance the built environment.

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