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Project Description

Verulamium Park Interpretation

Now buried beneath the modern city of South West St Albans, the ancient Roman capital Verulamium is a fascinating historical gem which St Albans City and District Council wanted to bring alive for its many visitors.

With so much history, heritage and wildlife to interpret, this project called on many creative disciplines to ensure our audience was engaged and the information was accessible across the generations. Working with local historians, archaeologists and natural history experts, we pieced together the many stories that made up the rich legacy of Verulamium Park.

True to life reconstruction and re-enactment illustrations built on the barely visible features of the Roman City, allowing visitors to experience what was once there and the lives of the people that lived and worked here.

We are thrilled that the Countryside Management Service are pleased with the project. Their Project Officer, Jon Collins, told us: “We are very pleased with the creative service FWDP have provided. They have brought some excellent ideas and innovation to the Verulamium Park signage project and we are confident that they will help us make the scheme a huge success.”

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